So far today, half a dozen students have visited another shelter, followed a vendor on a street corner, or posed as a homeless person.

Others have interviewed shelter founder/director Sean Cononie, long-term resident Johnny McCormick, or former European basketball player Horace Brawley. They’ve talked to prostitutes, amputees, mentally challenged, physically impaired, and suicidal lesbians.

With copy slowly coming in on Sunday afternoon, Art Director Stephanie Colaianni is starting to lay out cover page options for the October, 2010 issue. The book is set for a minimum of 16 pages. An Outreach mission – where the shelter medical staff go out in search of homeless on the street – is set for Sunday evening. The Outreach volunteers – a nurse practitioner and a police officer – go in search of homeless living on the street and give them food, cigarettes, or medical supplies out of an ambulance that belongs to COSAC.

  1. Jinna Marbry says:

    It’s 11:22pm and we have a big storm happening. Not just the journalism kind, seriously it’s like a hurricane (for us GA gals anyway). I am completely exhausted and utterly overjoyed with the work that has been accomplished. 24 hours ago, I barely new you, now I feel like I’ve known you guys forever. We have come through the gauntlet and come out the other side to being field journalists. It has been an awesome pleasure to work with each of you. We have some great profiles coming if I can just get Final Cut to co-operate!

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